damonlazarus.com creates innovative, best practice solutions based on validated project management psychological research and evidence. I provide solutions that deliver results. Results that are sustainable, that people are bought in to, engage with and continue to adopt in order to bring about change. Solutions that work for you, rather than simply shoehorning those that are preconceived, unwarranted or ‘off the peg.’ I never lose sight of my role in providing objective, validated and impartial advice through a mix of deep collaboration and constructive challenge.

I take pride in offering objective and practical best-practice project management solutions. My approach will help you make informed strategic decisions in relation to time, cost and quality whilst focussing on your core business objectives and successful delivery of your project.

Development approvals

Local Council liaison

Client representation

Due diligence and feasibility

Strategic master planning

Stakeholder management and consultation

Planning and programming

Risk management

Cost management

Contract and claims management

Construction management

Procurement management

Design management

Distressed project recovery

Tenancy coordination and agent liaison

Fit-out and relocation management

Negotiation and alternate dispute resolution

Cloud based project management systems and set-up


I personally had the opportunity to meet with Damon Lazarus to learn about his business strategy and dynamic approach. His depth of knowledge and conceptual vision of the key aspects of starting and running a business are eye-opening and spot-on. Anyone looking to create strategic growth, organisational structure or learn methods to increase revenue and growth would benefit greatly from his services. If your business is struggling, stagnant, or you know something is out of sync and just not sure what. I highly recommend you give Damon the opportunity to evaluate your business and offer a strategic and personalised strategy to meet your needs.

John WallaceProperty Developer

Damon is a seasoned construction professional with a demonstrated record of delivering high quality projects in a framework of positive client relationships. I highly recommend Damon for his advanced and superior knowledge of construction and business management.

Anthony Ridings Divisional Manager at Arenco (NSW) Pty Limited

Damon is very creative and dedicated. He has a great deal of practical business experience, multidisciplinary knowledge, and sensitivity. He is an effective leader and team player. He knows his stuff and applies it extremely well.

Graeme Drew Real Estate Agent (Managing Director)

Damon has vast experience as a manager and knows the construction industry very well. He possesses a great understanding of contractual terms and can identify risks involved. He is quick to identify issues that arise from the construction process and quickly works toward a mutually beneficial resolution.

Lou Stojanovski Director Lawyer at Keystone Lawyers Independent Solicitor NSW Supreme Court

Damon has worked with me as a Business Mentor over the last 2 years. In this time, we have implemented strategic planning, systems and procedures that will ensure long term sustainable growth and risk mitigation. Damon has the skills and ability to ensure that all aspects of your Business, perform at the optimum level. I highly recommend Damon to any Business, regardless of industry or size.

James Clark Verity Construction (Managing Director)

It is, and has been a real pleasure working with Damon Lazarus over many years, on several major projects. He is not only an inspiring passionate leader, but is always looking for best practise and ways to develop both himself and his team. Through a myriad of creative and innovative communication methods he enables his teams continual focus on not just meeting but exceeding safety, quality and contractual obligations. His clients regularly rank his projects in the excellent range. He has a process for everything, and really knows his stuff.

John Lane-SmithCEO and Keynote Speaker at Eclat People Solutions

I recently provided contractual advice for a local Developer who was at loggerheads with their Builder. This level of intervention saved them from significant financial loss. This also resulted in re-establishing an almost non-existent relationship between the parties.If you have contractual disputes that are not being resolved in a timely manner, or you feel you have lost control of your project, please get in contact with me.

I have successfully resolved 98.7% of my clients contractual issues with no significant financial loss.


damon@damonlazarus.com - Louisa Road, Birchgrove NSW 2041 - 0484 603 576