Construction & Business Management Consulting

CBMC offers a wide range of delivery services within the scope of project management, including construction management, client representation, superintendence and supervision services. My services are flexible and can be adapted to deliver any form of project within the urban development, construction, infrastructure, verification, safety or building service sectors. I also step in to undertake distressed project recovery and offer Program Management Office (PMO) services.

Damon delivers these Project Management services across all phases of the asset lifecycle of strategy, definition, delivery and transition to operation or divestment. Damon brings a disciplined and structured approach through the application of fundamental Project Management principles.

As a specialist in Project Management, Damon has an intimate knowledge of all facets of local regulations and statutory requirements. Add to that, Damon’s long-term relationship with trusted suppliers and contractors in Sydney and NSW, and you can be assured that your project is in safe hands.

Damon is a recognised specialist in building and construction and works with construction companies, sub-contractors, engineers, architects, planners, developers and financiers to guide projects from early planning to post-build stage.

In essence, Damon is the central point of contact for all parties involved in the day-to-day activities of a project.

Specialist Services

Project management & planning

Defects & building dispute intervention/management

Cost & earned value analysis

Cost & cash flow reporting

Extension of time claim analysis

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Contract review

Drafting of formal contract notices

Analysis of time related issues

Critical path and programming analysis

Evaluation of delay claims

Delay analysis reporting

Delay-prevention & methodology consultation

Risk evaluation & reporting

Dispute resolution & representation

Client representation

Due diligence and feasibility

Strategic master planning

Stakeholder management and consultation

Planning and programming

Risk management

Cost management

Contract and claims management

Construction management

Procurement management

Design management

Distressed project recovery

Fit-out and relocation management

Negotiation and alternate dispute resolution

Program management

Project funding support

Project reporting

By involving Damon from the outset, ensures he has a thorough understanding of your project requirements and priorities. It also ensures he is best positioned to deal with project risk and any contingencies required.

Forensic Delay Analysis

Delay analysis is the process by which Damon establishes the potential or actual delay to the project that has been caused by a particular event or series of events. In conjunction with a forensic review of the relevant project documentation and progress data, the effects of delays and the impacts of these delays on a project programme can be established. The result of the analysis will usually establish the time periods by which the contract completion date is to be extended and can be used to determine the extent of any associated delay costs or damages. Damon is highly skilled in analysing the impacts of delays and assisting clients in understanding the impacts for complex and multi-activity projects.

Damon can assist with:

Analysis of delay events impacting progress

Undertaking programme reviews and the use of critical path analysis techniques to establish causation and effect

Establishing contractual entitlement to extensions of time & cost

Demonstration of contractual entitlement through appropriate programme presentation and graphical aids

Damon’s experience will assist in determining the most suitable method of delay analysis. Examples of delay methodologies adopted by CBMC are:

As-planned v as-built

Impacted as-planned

Time impact

Windows analysis

Collapsed as-built

Being suitably experienced with each of the above techniques, Damon is able to advise on their respective strengths and weaknesses for each specific project, dependent upon the circumstances.